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Bookbinding Tutorial Roundup

9 Mar


Since I’ve been posting primarily bookbinding stuff, I thought I’d go ahead and do a small tutorial roundup. Enjoy!


Bookbinding Tutorials: Punching Cradle and Jigs

4 Mar

In my bookbinding supply guide post, I promised that I would post tutorials on how to make your own punching cradle and jigs. I’m surprised that I didn’t find any similar ones from a simple google search. Most of the tutorials for punching cradles involved wood, which is obviously more durable than cardboard, but more time consuming and expensive. As a college student, I’m all about doing things on the cheap. My bookbinding professor has the same mindset and taught me how to make them quickly and dirt-cheap.

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Craft Site Roundup

22 Feb

One of the main focuses of this blog is going to be crafting, so naturally I want to share my favorite crafty websites with everyone!

  1. Pinterest – DUH! If you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon, you’re late. I’ve been using Pinterest for over a 18 months, (I’m kind of a Pinterest hipster) and I’ve learned so many things through pins I’ve found. It’s also saved my poor hard drive because before this site, I right-click-saved ev.er.y.thing.
  2. Ravelry – Any knitters or crocheters? If so, you probably already know about this pattern goldmine, but if you’re a newbie, head here before you spend a penny on a book of patterns. Users can submit patterns they’ve created for free or purchase, and their library is ginormous.
  3. Tipnut – When I found this site, all I could do was cry, “Where have you been?!” The site is the mother of all craft roundups. You will be up to your eyeballs in projects.
  4. Curbly – For all you home décor DIY lovers, if you liked Design*Sponge, you’ll enjoy Curbly. When D*S started departing from its original DIY-centric theme, I started looking for a site with a bigger emphasis on tutorials and project, and this was what I discovered. You will be making big home makeover plans!
  5. Craftzine – Do you like oogling crafts as much as you like making them? Head to Craftzine then, where you can find links to tutorials, patterns, and just plain craft porn.
  6. Craft Gawker – This site is if Craftzine and Pinterest got together and somehow had a website baby. Make an account or just Pin the things you find there.