Mini-Site #3

10 Apr
Ask Varys, a parody of Ask Jeeves

Ask Varys, a parody of Ask Jeeves

For our third mini-site, I made a series of Game of Thrones themed pages which use the character Varys to convey how much of our personal information is being collected and stored by basic online activities.

While the main focus of the assignment was JavaScript, I can never neglect the artistic side of web design. I had a ton of fun making the Ask Varys logo (a parody of Ask Jeeves) and I congratulated myself for being so witty.

The actual JavaScript portion reminding me of scooping my cats’ litter box: I don’t really enjoy it, but if I don’t do it, this shit is going to make everything a lot messier than it needs to be. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, and putting the actual code together was like a brain-teaser at times. I got really frustrated at times, not understanding if what I was trying to do was even possible. I would make a completely pared-down test with nothing but a small amount html and JS, eliminating a lot of code-clutter to prove to myself certain tasks were indeed possible. So why wasn’t my code working? I forgot a period. ONE DAMN PERIOD. Wasted like 20 minutes over a single little dot. Why does the Chrome debugger have to give errors that are like codes in themselves?? Why can’t it just say, “Hey, Stupid, you left out a period there. Fix that crap and go make me a sandwich.” That, I could handle.

Another road bump was the “intrusive” JS…I simply could not figure out what that means. I could not find a definition, examples, anything. Everything was like, “How to make your code un-obtrusive” …without ever clearly stating what intrusive/obtrusive JS is. So yeah, didn’t really know what to do there.

I was pretty proud of some stuff I was able to do with JS (probably elementary stuff but cut me some slack, hater). One the “Little Birds” page, I put a “warning” message from Varys that appears if the user did not select Joffrey as their desired ruler on the registration page (and why the hell would you? He’s an evil brat). The html is always there, but if the user selects Joffrey, the script changes the div to display:none to hide it.

All in all, I think I was pretty successful, and hopefully I’ll stop forgetting periods.



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