Minimalist Badge

20 Mar
My minimalist Silence of the Lambs poster focuses on the Death's-head Hawkmoth.

My minimalist Silence of the Lambs poster focuses on the Death’s-head Hawkmoth.

While I generally prefer clean, simple designs, I would hesitate to say that I’m a minimalist. I am very cautious to make sure my work is never too busy, but I find I need a little more than just the bare bones. White space is one of the things I find difficult to accept, and usually prefer to add subtle textures to avoid it.

For my Silence of the Lambs movie poster, I made the decision to use only the Death’s-head Hawkmoth from the original design, and only half of it at that. I used a distressed paper background to soften the starkness that the white space left. While I normally would have preferred to use a handwritten font, I chose Avril for its straight lines and slightly rounded corners as to contrast with the delicate paper and the moth without looking too “sharp.” While the names of the leading actors worked best evenly distributed horizontally from the center, I kept the title right-aligned as to nest into the negative space left by the moth.

My desktop wallpaper offers some motivation.

My desktop wallpaper offers some motivation.

For the desktop wallpaper, I decided to make a simple motivational “badge.” I used to have a wallpaper that simply read, “Don’t be stupid. Do your work,” so it was inspired by that blunt form of motivation. While I could have just used text alone, I felt that the final product would be completely boring without something to make the message a little more interesting. I kept the background completely white, which adheres more to the minimalist design principals than the poster.

While I do enjoy minimalist design, I tend to find that it actually give me more trouble because of the level of precision and exactness…and I’m pretty OCD as it is. When I know that all the focus is going to be on just a few details, the pressure for perfection is hard to ignore.


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