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11 Mar

My online portfolio

Oh domain hosting, how you hide your simplicity behind a cluster-cuss of obnoxious customer service.

I had purchased my domain ( several months ago through GoDaddy and built my online portfolio using Wix, which also hosted the site. For various reasons, I decided I wanted to scrap my Wix site and built an html site from scratch. Meaning, instead of being able to go about the normal process of purchasing a domain, finding a host, etc., I had to go through the rat race of transferring my domain to a new (less expensive) provider where I would also host my site.

I started the whole process by searching for general lists of web hosts which usually took the format of a top 10 list. I realized pretty quickly that I could get better options than what I could with GoDaddy, whose cheapest plan capped out disk space at 100GB. I ultimately decided on HostGator’s Hatchling Plan which ended up costing less than $5/month with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, etc. They also transferred my domain for free.

The actual process of transferring my domain was a bit of a hassle. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t know what to except something else. My first request to transfer my domain was declined for some reason, so I had to go through customer support and have them re-initiate the transfer, which wasn’t as fast as I’d hoped. It took about 48 hours from the time I made my first request for a transfer to the time the transfers was complete. After that, I had to change my name servers so that my domain would no longer be connected to my old Wix site. That took about 24 hours to go into effect. Once that was complete, the process was simple though, as all I had to do was upload my files with Filezilla.

So far, everything is working great and I’m glad to have complete control over my site as opposed to with Wix’s interface.


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