Coding #3 Homework

8 Feb
Exercise 15-1

Exercise 15-1

Screenshot 1: Floating images is pretty simple. It’s just like the different text alignment options in Microsoft Word. I just wish there was a float:center option just to simplify things though.


Customized Tab Menu.

Making the customized tab menu was interesting. If I hadn’t gone through that section I probably would have approached it in a much more difficult (and time-consuming) way.


Exercise 15-4

Once again, I probably would have approached this in a less precise way if I had not gone through the example. I really disliked how she put all the margins/padding on one line though since it does make it less readable. Just a nit-pick.






“Islands in the Stream”


Floated Definition of Maker Culture

The primary thing I took away from this part was that I love text cleaners. For real. It was mostly just a rehash of the the same content, just with more text. 

Using <span> was new for me, although it’s not really “new” because it’s so similar to a <div>.


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