Coding #2 Assignment

31 Jan
screenshot of music review page

Screenshot of the finished page

Another homework assignment completed without a hitch. If only everything was this simple. Having an external style sheet certainly simplifies things. When I was on my late-night CSS-learning-rampage the other day, I used an internal style sheet because I thought it would be less complicated…the irony.

I’m enjoying CSS so far, probably getting a little ahead of myself though. The whole experience is making me more curious about websites I like though. I’ve been looking at their code and trying to figure out how exactly they do certain things. I definitely seem to take to the “learn by doing” approach. The only problem is sometimes I get really hung up on non-code related visual elements.

And that concludes this blog post. Time to go code-creeping again.

screenshot of crazy style page

screenshot of the “crazy” style


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