Reflections: First Mini-Site

24 Jan

I just completed my first mini-site assignment.

Can we just take a moment to celebrate me?

In case you were wondering, unless I am specifically told not to post them, there will be gifs. Deal with it.

Making the mini-site made me realize a few things. First, LiveJournal was not a waste of time in high school. and <img src=””> were something of a cult-like chant for me while blogging back in the day. Second, it was weirdly reminiscent of when I make my vector illustrations on Adobe Illustrator. The process of copy-pasting code from one page to another, modifying it, checking it, and saving it just felt like paths and layers.

As for problems…well, honestly my biggest one was using QuickMeme to make the Paranoid Parrot images. For some reason, I couldn’t get my computer to download the actual image file after I generated the image. Solution? Screen cap, paste in Photoshop, crop. Done. The only other issue came with copy-pasting the quotes from the PDFs into Notepad++. For some reason all of the apostrophes and quotation marks would be pasted as accents which made the html vomit random characters in its place. Well, thankfully there is CTRL+H.  Ain’t no thang. I can handle it.

Mini-site screenshot

Is it possible to address critiques of technology without some lulz?


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