Decorative paper & latest creations

4 Apr

I hadn’t realized just how much decorative paper I’ve been hoarding in my campus flat file until recently. When it comes to fabric or paper, I simply cannot resist a cute printed pattern. So when Hollander’s had their online sale last week, what did I do? Buy more paper. I’m really enamored with the selections I made. I even got one featuring cat breeds!

I’ve been doing lots of experimentation with my book covers and general aesthetic, so having lots of paper options comes in handy.

This grouping is books I made last week. I decided to try using eyelets for my hardcover link stitch books to give them a more polished look. It’s a tedious process, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the old way now! The cover of the middle book is actually made from an envelope I had (part of one of my many cute letter sets I collect). My husband and I are planning our belated honeymoon (DISNEY WORLD!) for this December, two and half years after our wedding. I thought the little phrase would make it perfect for a little pocket book to write down plans for our trip. 

This week, I’ve moved onto some more ambitious designs: more split-tone case bindings and faux raised cords. I love the look of raised cords, but the traditional way is very time consuming, not to mention that I prefer a hollow spine to a tight back. My solution: glue pieces of cord on a bristol board spine and cover. Looks just as nice, less work, and I get to keep my spine hollow. I’ll probably make a visual tutorial in the future.

I also did an elastic closure for the first time and it worked quite nicely. I just used plain old sewing elastic, but I dunked it in a cup of tea so it wouldn’t be stark white.

On a side note: I adore this faux bois paper. Both hubby and I are obsessed with faux bois/woodgrain patterns, so when I found this at my local art supply store, I had to get a piece.

I’ve got a few more books planned or in progress. I can’t wait to make some crazy fancy books.


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